For most children these days, owning a smartphone is like a rite of passage into their teen years. It’s almost an unambiguous decision that’s not even open for dialogue. Have a child who’s over 10? Get ready to buy them a smartphone in the next year or two.

Giving your child a phone does have its perks. It gives you the peace of mind and the convenience of knowing where the child is in case of missed transport or a practice that ended late.

But the risks that come with Smartphone use are grave. And they are becoming more serious with passing time. As social media invades even the most private moments of our lives, Smartphones are becoming more dangerous than a basic phone can be.

It is given that a teenager will eventually end up using apps like Facebook, Kik or Meetup and this exposes them to a whole range of problems including cyberbullying, stalking, sextortion and blackmail.

If this article is making you feel jittery or a shudder just passed down your spine, you’d be pleased to know that you can avoid a direct confrontation with your teenager who’s emotionally at the most vulnerable stage of their life. You can rather be friends, open communication channels and discreetly monitor their activities on their smartphones with software like mSpy.

How can mspy help?

Mspy is a smartphone monitoring application that is primarily designed to allow concerned parents to monitor their children’s activities on their smartphones. Once installed on your child’s phone, the application becomes invisible and records all forms of communication that is initiated or received on the phone. This includes text messages, IM messages and phone calls. Other than this, you can also monitor their internet usage, their browsing history, access their GPS location, keep tabs on the applications they install and also remotely wipe out their entire phone.

Monitoring IM communications

At a time when there is a new IM application each day, it becomes crucial to have something like Mpsy that allows parents to monitor their children’s activities. You may just be familiar with Whatsapp for example. But there’s Tinder, Telegram, Line, Snapshot and many others that are being launched and growing in popularity every other day. Mspy will track everything to the smallest of detail.

  • Facebook: mspy has a facebook monitoring module that will track their friends list, status updates, private messages and media shared by them. Even if they delete any of the content that they have posted or received, it will be recorded and made available to you.
  • Whatsapp: Your child may alter the privacy settings to hide when they were last available online. But that does not prevent mspy from recording their activities on whatsapp. Even deleted messages will be stored for later review.
  • SMS: Some children are smart enough to know that SMS records are ridiculously difficult to source. For this reason, the use SMS to communicate. Mspy has a text message recording feature that keeps you covered. Know what text messages are exchanged and with whom.